Écoféminisme et développement : L’impasse de l’essentialisation du lien femme/nature

Karine Gagné (Université de Montréal)


This article examines ecofeminism, both a feminist and environmentalist perspective founded on the identification of a biological link between women and nature. I demonstrate that ecofeminism, particularly its Indian variant, is based on a narrow ontological conception that relies on an idealized vision of a harmonious past. However, because it does not address questions of power and the material aspects that constitute the relation between women and nature, the perspective of ecofeminism leads to an impasse, as it contributes to the reinforcement of some dogma and traps women in a traditional position. This assertion is supported by two case studies of development projects put into place in the desert area of Rajasthan in India. Lastly, the limitations of eco-feminism are considered in light of recent writings on Indian environmental history and post-colonial development.

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